da ill-est log!
449. Confidence  450. More praying
451. Chasing Ghost452. To the FUTURE!
453. Trying to be better man.454. colors
455. Got my Precious456. COUGH!
457. Don't fall on me!458. double Colding!
459. Hollywood460. Try podding
461. Bridge jumper462. 4 day vacation
463. Chatting464. didn't win the Film
465.  Pacific GREAT466. backpain
467.  Skinny legs meet jeans468. Bex Ghost
469. Badminton badassery.470. DIY special Effects
471. Stinktrain part 1,000,000472. junk train
473. the reACTION474.  She dead?
475. Bex476. Gravity
477. many arms478.  Worried about jdb
479.  Movie making480.  halloween arting
481.  This happens alot482.  More like Lamestrips
483.  Writer/director/dork484.  with Antrel Rolle
485.  New haircut486.  I'm a STAR
487.  new hobby, LETTERPRESS 488.  Winter came
489.  I hate snow now. 490.  camera Lust
491.  hand Made cookies492. dry HANDS OF winter  
493.  no pay raise.494.  she's leaving
495.  the SELLOUT496.  Don't Leave me
497.  Film Maker.498.  bike and film
499.  love me more than him500. saw Xmen
501.  broke!502.  she's gone
503.  Logic504.  biking hard
505.  boring work506. Such a mess 
507.  Biking on empty508.  Portrait photos
509.  Mom Jeans510.  bug eyed
511.  Moviemaking512.  Another crazytrain
513.  Spacing out514.  Bad dresser
515.  BEX516.  By MY DAMN SELF
517.  Take OFF !518.  Movember
519.  The drop520.  NO shades
521.  REgrets522.  no Time, again
525.  The director526.  Bryce
527.  haircut time again...528.  Valentines day? who? where?
529.  Happy New year!530.  Babies falling
531.  CEllphone=bad532.  Awesome Health!
533.  Awesome health?534.  Collab with Julia
535. Collab with Julia2536. avengers
537. sheesh.538. Mad Cool
539. HowrU?540. Beautiful
541. MY Year542. New Coupons
543. Throat is sore544. THROAT HURTS
545. THROAT REALLY HURTS546. Chillin with my niece 
547. A good Catch (i think) 548. Ironic Hair
549. So I hear...550. NYNY byebye
551. 2015 is the future552. wintercoat is coming
553. costume time.554. Comiccon GEAR
555. Selfiestick556. Showboat
557. Where did 2015 go?558. eh, why love
559. right in the GUT560. coughing, Again
561. Props562. Collab with Emma and Julia
563. Good Wood564. the SICKNESS cont.
565. Walk it off566. Running!
567. the tree is strong568. Watercolorin
569. thumbsup yo!570.  I BAKE like a BOSS
571. alergic to oatmeal, my FACE!572. 29 inches of snow.
573. Now my ankle hurts574. Snowblowed
575. Look away,  I'm hideious 576. Stop it debbie downer. 
577. Nephew Kyle578. ghosting blows
579. ..hi there580. photo fail
581.  Nothing new582.  DEATH
583.  Sick sick Sick some more584.  Second Avenue Buddies
585.  Getting old, man586.  Yan's wedding
587.  Me and Emmys588.  Life
589.  Teaching Bryce590.  oh man, I'm an OLD
591.  Need More Arms592.  Cleaning up for 2017
593. Grumped594.  Jerksatwerk
595. subway thrust.
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